Chris Kabel & St. Joris

Ceramic house St. Joris and designer Chris Kabel have combined their skills and production techniques to create a unique bench using glazed brick. By perfectly cutting the brick to Chris’ specifications, St. Joris has manufactured perfect modules that slide together and lock. Allowing you to combine benches in fantastic shapes and in all kinds of beautiful bright colours.

The bricks have a 50 years guaranteed UV-colour retention and are temperature and water-resistant.


Chris Kabel

Chris Kabel was born in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands in 1975. He graduated in 2001 from the Design Academy Eindhoven and moved to Rotterdam in 2002 where he started his design practice. He works for and with design labels, architects, cultural institutions and design galleries. He is a professor at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art inLausanne (ECAL). Chris has won several design awards and his work is featured in renowned museums all over the world. (


St. Joris

The team at St. Joris ( has worked together for years to become experts in crafting incredibly complex bricks in colors and forms that inspire the building process. Mixing experience with the latest techniques, St. Joris ensures that each brick is hand created with individual attention and first-class craftsmanship

process and technology

Sharing creativity, building works of art

Extrusion of clay

Experimenting with glazing of bricks

Experimenting with glazing of bricks


the result