Simone Post & Vlisco

Vlisco is a leading producer of batik-printed fabrics for the African market. To ensure its leading position in a niche market, Vlisco removes any material from the production line that fails to meet their standards for the highest quality. Designer Simone Post did an extensive material research into Vlisco’s waste material that led to a new application for textile that otherwise would have been destroyed.

Using folding and cutting techniques the waste fabric is used to make colourful patterned carpets. A unique product with endless possible colour combinations is created each and every time. This way, residues gain real value.


Simone Post

Simone is a talented Dutch textile, print and product designer. Experimenting, material research and a fascination for how things are made are primary to her work. She seeks for collaborations with companies, pushing the boundaries of the industry. A good example is her project Post-Vlisco. (
foto: Arjen Born




Since 1846, Vlisco ( has been creating unique textiles that have influenced the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. Vlisco is the only brand creating authentic Dutch wax fabrics. Their fabrics are recognizable for its unique design, colours and wax-effects, which combine to create this inspiring fashion statement. In fact, every centimeter of fabric is unique due to the special wax process, which originates from batik techniques. Vlisco is market leader in African prints.

process and technology

the result