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Oct 01 2018

Innovation and product development takes time. And it is not so much about size. The Eiffel Tower only took three years to build, while developing the quantum chip already takes more than 20 years. It is really all about complexity and novelty, as we at LABEL/BREED found out as well.
When we started the company in 2014, we had the ambition to create groundbreaking design by combining the talent of Dutch designers and hidden gems of industry. In less than 18 months LABEL/BREED made its first appearance at the Salone del Mobile with eight prototypes.
Most products came to market quickly after the Salone. Some, especially the Flax Chair, were so novel in design, material, and manufacturing, that an extensive development program was initiated to get the product ready for series production. To meet the overwhelming demand, a first small series of 150 chairs came available late last year. They were finished by hand and were signed and numbered by Christien Meindertsma. They quickly sold out as unique pieces of novel design. 

Today, we are proud to announce, that we have finalized all product development for the Flax Chair and are ready for series production. It was quite a journey. We had to optimize the flax-bioplastic composite, develop special tooling and had to finalize several tests on durability, rigidity and strength. 

It did take some time (although we did beat the Eiffel Tower by three months), and we need to share a big thank you to all involved. And that includes you! To appreciate your interest and patience in waiting on the availability of the chair, we would like to invite you to be among the first ones to order the Flax chair.

We are taking orders from today and we will be delivering from the beginning of November. 
Thank you for your trust and support. We are looking forward to keep working together. 

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