Recycled Carbon Chair successfully funded on Kickstarter

Jan 03 2019

Our crowdfunding campaign for the Recycled Carbon Chair has been a huge succes! In only a few days time we reached our first goal with 77 backers. They all pledged to support the making of a large scale production mold for the chair. From that point on we were on our way to reach the stretched goal of €44,000 to be able to develop a table using the same recycled carbon material and the NLR robot! 

By the end of the campaign, on January 3rd 2019, 131 backers helped us raise 45.109 euro. We even made our stretched goal! 

Thank you for all for your support and for spreading the word. 


Ever since Brian from Amsterdam decided to become backer #77 last Saturday, we have been on our way to Also, we did get a lot of questions and ideas on what else is possible with this awesome material. To meet your request, we are happy to let you know, that we have added the beautiful Fibre Placement lamps as a reward to our campaign. These ultra-thin, lightweight LED lamps are made from carbon fibres that are left over on the end of the spools of the robot, and that are too short to be processed (making it waste again!). We have four different designs that will be available at the same 50% discount from retail as the Recycled Carbon chair until we reach the stretched goal. Select one of four designs or get them all, simply by pledging if you have not already done so, or by raising your pledge (€190 each, or €690 for four) and sending us a message. When the campaign ends, we will send you a survey, so you can let us know which lamps we can pack and ship for you. Any questions, do contact us and keep spreading the message!  

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