1.22 Ceramic Brick Bench Circle

Ceramic house St. Joris and designer Chris Kabel have combined their skills and production techniques to create a unique circle bench using glazed bricks. By perfectly cutting the brick to Chris’ specifications, St. Joris has manufactured perfect modules that slide together and lock. Allowing you to combine benches in fantastic shapes and in all kinds of beautiful bright colours. Perfect for your special projects next to swimming pools, coastlines, gardens, business parks….

The bricks have a 50 years guaranteed UV-colour retention and are temperature and water-resistant. 

Order:  sales@labelbreed.nl or visit Tjinco 

Chris Kabel
Glazed brick
50 years guaranteed UV-colour retention
temperature and water resistant
custom sizes possible
circle ø 318 x 42 cm
Sales Info
Delivery time 10 - 12 weeks
On request

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