2.32 Fibre Placement Lamp

Marleen Kaptein has engaged in perhaps an unlikely partnership for a furniture designer—working together with the Netherlands aerospace centre (NLR). The organization gave her access to a fibre placement robot capable of printing thin, but strong, carbon tape in all directions. These strips fuse as they cool, forming a strong yet lightweight surface.

The machine is normally used for manufacturing structural components for the aerospace industry. Kaptein employed this innovative fabrication technique on a more intimate scale to create furniture such as the Fibre placement lamps that cast beautiful shadows. 

Marleen Kaptein
Carbon fibre with integrated electricity and LED
length 170 cm
Sales Info
Delivery time 1 week
Price single
€ 380,- incl. VAT
Price triple
€ 1.095,- incl. VAT
select 3 different shades

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